Transporting your Airnimal

There are several options for transporting your airnimal;

The suitcases

The less expensive suitcases, manufactured by "Bule" or "Delsey", are lighter (14.4 lbs.) and smaller (31 x 25 x 11 inches). However, they are harder to pack, because more disassembly is required, and they are a very tight fit for the Joeys that are equipped with disk brakes. I find it is relatively easy to fit a Chameleon into this kind of suitcase, it takes a bit of practice to fit a v-brake equipped Joey in, but I have been advised that it is hard to fit a disk brake equipped Joey in. I have also found that these suitcases often show up with bits broken off after a trip on an airplane. Generally speaking, a little home repair will keep the suitcase in working order.


Bule caseChameleon in Bule

Airnimal developed a bigger (36 x 26 x 13 inches) and stronger suitcase which is also heavier (21.6 lbs.).

It is easier to pack an Airnimal bike into this case, even a Joey with disk brakes. It is also possible to order a trailer kit to fit this case, so that you can pull it along behind your bike.

However, the combined weight of a Joey and the larger suitcase is 50 lbs, without accessories or trailer kit, which is the weight limit for many airlines.

Airline Travel Strategy

In my experience, most airlines are primarily worried about weight, so when I fly, I make sure my Bule case is just below their allowed weight, and I don't tell them what is in the case. They are usually glad to see a hard-sided suitcase, because they think it is less likely to get damaged. They don't bother to measure the outer dimensions of the suitcase, so they don't find out it is slightly bigger than their maximum allowed size. Now that the airlines I fly with only allow a single suitcase without additional charge, I have to put the rest of my luggage in a carry-on bag. Since the carry-on bag goes through security with me, I can't carry any tools -- or things they might define as "tools" -- in that bag; they all have to go in the suitcase.

Joey and caseJoey in case